Preventive Maintenance MBFR

Item-No.: 1519050

Preventive Maintenance MBFR

Item-No.: 1519050

Only applicable for boxes whose plant location is in France.
The service includes:
- Travel and labour of the technician for preventive maintenance of an installation (maximum duration 3h/system)
- Functional control and overall verification of the system
- Checking airlock seals
- Checking the proper functioning of the purification
- Leakage test of the system (enclosure, airlock and purification system)
- Wear control of consumables
- Follow-up of user training
- Installation of consumables if you have them in stock or if you have ordered them separately.

You receive a discount card valid on our online shop for your next purchase of spare parts and consumables.

This offer is valid for one system functional, any curative maintenance will give place to an additional billing (pieces, labour, travel).
The date of the intervention will be fixed by MBRAUN, depending on the availability of the technicians, in agreement with the client.

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